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Welcome to Softplay Direct
  Softplay Areas designed, manufactured and installed by Softplay Direct, Bradford  

At Softplay Direct our aim is to produce the highest quality softplay area to suit your needs and make your business a success – MAKING PLAY PAY

Softplay Areas

At Softplay Direct, a great deal of consideration is taken whilst designing our softplay areas to offer a variety equipment, selected to challenge the children, whatever their age, in as many ways as possible i.e. balancing, sliding, crawling and climbing. The layout of the softplay equipment encourages both physical and imaginative play and promotes a flow of children around, through, under and over the various obstacles. Particular attention is paid to try to avoid any bottlenecks, speeding areas or blind spots.

Setting up a children’s softplay area is a dream that most of our clients have had for quite some time before they finally take the plunge. At Softplay Direct we believe that the only way for us to properly support our clients is for us to take that dream on board and work closely with them to bring their dream to reality.

Our softplay areas are all designed to maximise excitement without compromising on safety and as a member of RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) all our installations comply with BS 8409:2009 Soft Indoor Play Areas – Code of Practice

For further information or to request an information pack please click here or call +44 (0) 1274 727112


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